LakefairVolleyball Rules



3 team pools – 1 game to 15, 17 cap, switch on 5′s

4 team pools – 1 game to 11, 13 cap, switch on 4′s

5 team pools – 1 game to 11, 13 cap, switch on 4′s


Double elimination

Winners bracket – 1 game to 15, no cap

Losers bracket – 1 game to 11, no cap

5 minute warm up MAX

2 – 30 second time outs per team



All body parts are legal

There is no centerline – players can go under the net as long as there is no interference

No substitutions (even for injury)



No let serves

No jump serves in Parks & Rec

No side out or lost points for wrong server – simply continue with original rotation

No re-serves (except Parks & Rec – 1 re-serve OK)



Multiple contacts are legal when passing or digging a 1st ball – EXCEPT when using finger action, then 1st ball contact must be perfect.



When intentionally setting to the opposite court, you must face the direction you are setting



No open hand tips/dinks.  Chips, pokes, cobras, etc. okay



Blocks do not count as first contact

Jousts are legal, 3 contacts remain


Reverse Coed

Men must leave the ground behind the 10 foot line to attack the ball above the height of the net – if inside the 10 foot line, attacks by men must have an upward trajectory (arc).

Men can not block women.